Role-play for experimentation with VET@HOME e-learning platform

Today we were very busy in the kitchen. Partners from Bulgaria, Spain, Croatia and North Macedonia were engaged in the experimentation with the VET@HOME e-learning platform.

The project partners were divided into teams and played both the roles of instructors and trainees/students in a virtual practical cooking classes in order to test the functionalities of the e-learning platform created within the VET@HOME project. This was organized in two separate venues (demonstration hall and training kitchen) to simulate the conditions of distant practical training when the teacher/instructor is performing a live-demonstration from the training center or school, while the trainees/students are following the instructions and implementing the tasks in their own homes and kitchens. Our friends from Portugal also joined via online connection from Povoa De Varzim and helped us to understand in full the capacity and the possibilities given by the platform for sustaining virtual practical training online in a guided mode.

We made some traditional dishes from Bulgaria, Croatia, North Macedonia and Spain, while we were testing our new e-learning platform that was created in the frame of VET@HOME project. The participants prepared a salad, a main dish, a soup and a dessert while rotating their roles as instructors and trainees.

The testing gave us valuable information and feedback what can be further improved in terms of planning, organization and preparation of the training facilities set-up. Following the cooking sessions a concept for a practical training course for VET based on VET@HOME approach was drafted.

October 11, 2023

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