Creation of digital content for practical VET trainings

Today is the last day of our Joint Staff Training in Bulgaria within the VET@HOME project and we are in Varna.

The participants visited Culinary Arts Institute (CAI) at Varna University of Management (VUM) where in the training kitchen of the Institute the video demonstrations for the VET@HME e-learning platform were filmed. The representatives of the Bulgarian partner Leantick who implemented the video-shooting of the demos together with the chef-instructors from CAI explained the specifics of the planning, organization, set-up and conducting of video-demonstrations in a proper way so they may be used for educational purposes and serve as cooking classes in a distance mode of delivery.

The participants also had a Master Class with Chef Hugue Boutin – Director of CAI at VUM and chef Stanislav Kubarev who also explained the processes behind the camera while designing the video-presentations and demonstrations, and gave some guidelines for the development of instructions for the trainees who follow the virtual training for Cook.

Finally, the participants were involved in the preparation of their own dishes, learned some professional cooking techniques (such as cooking sous-vide, making foam from baked bell pepper and baking brownie with homemade ice-cream), managed to discuss in the afternoon the main difficulties experienced by VET trainers when delivering training and/or guidance on-line and were awarded with certificates for their participation in the JST in Bulgaria.

October 11, 2023

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