The Joint Staff Training started today in Dobrich

In the next 3 days (26-28.09.2023) we will be conducting our Joint Staff Training (JST) within the VET@HOME project. The event is hosted by the project coordinator International College Ltd. in the cities of Dobrich and Varna, Bulgaria.

The aim of the JST is to tests the process of delivery of distance-mode practical training for partial qualification for the profession “Cook” from the trainers’ perspective, as well as to present the key project outputs.

The first day agenda is focused on the presentation of the:

O1 – Model unit-based syllabus for virtual practical training courses in VET for the profession “Cook”

O2 – E-learning platform for the delivery of the virtual practical training courses for partial qualification for the profession “Cook” with 4 pilot courses

O3 – Protocol and Guidebook for trainers and company tutors in culinary arts on how to conduct on-line VET practical training courses in their institutions

All partners are involved in the event as representatives of the Bulgarian, Spanish, Croatian and North Macedonian’s teams are gathered in Dobrich, Bulgaria, while the Portuguese team is joined via video-conference in the sessions. The plenary sessions with presentations are life-streamed on the project Facebook page for all interested people.

The training involving representatives of all project partners (on-site and also online) allows for international exchange and experience in VET and also serves as a networking and relationship-building activity for the participants as like-minded professionals.

October 11, 2023

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